About Me

I have always been known as a techie in the family because of my passion for technology. I like to challenge myself. My problem solving nature combined with my intense attention to detail drive me to take on tasks that typically deter others.

History and Skills

Before transitioning into Software Engineering, I spent 5 years as a Private Client Banker for J.P.Morgan Chase. My experience as a Banker was priceless. I learned the intricacies of the stock market, wealth management, relationship building, working on a team, and managing a book of more than 800 clients.

Having completed Flatiron School's Software Engineering program in New York City, I devote most of my time to refining what I know and learning as much as possible. As a student of the craft, I enjoy building web applications, learning about and solving algorithmic challenges, and exploring other branches of Computer Science such as cryptography, and artificial intelligence.

Currently, I am working through Stanford's Data Structures and Algorithms course on Udemy, writing blogs on technical topics as I learn, and building mini projects to sharpen my skills using React and JavaScript.

When I'm not coding, I like to play poker, compete in Street Fighter tournaments, improve my rubiks cube solve time, cook up new things using recipes I find online, and tweak the performance on my PC.

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • Redux
  • HTML
  • Sass
  • CSS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git


Three of my most recent projects.

Seven Deuce Off Suite

A web-sockets based poker application that allows up to 6 users to chat and play together.

Expense Tracker

An electronic check-ledger that allows the user to create, edit, and delete transactions while keeping track of overall spending and cash flow.

Hunt n' Peck

A typing test that tracks user's WPM while providing visual feedback through a line graph that updates based on user input.